Building digital skills to end homelessness


Building digital skills to end homelessness

About us

Get Digital is a digital inclusion programme hosted and managed by Simon Community Scotland. It is currently funded by the Scottish Government and The Good Things Foundation for 2 years (2022-2024).

How we help

We nurture and resource the digital capability of Scotland’s homeless sector through training, support and tools.

We want people affected by or working in homelessness to experience an improved quality of life by benefiting from the digital world.

What we offer

Get Digital Scotland

Are you affected by homelessness?

Get friendly, fun, reliable training and support.

Get access to computers and help getting online to get stuff done and connect with friends and family.

Get Digital Scotland

Are you an organisation providing core homelessness services?

Become a Get Digital Partner – working together we can help train your staff and embed digital inclusion across all aspects of what you do.

Get Digital Scotland

Do you work or volunteer in homelessness?

If your organisation is signed up as a Get Digital Partner, you could become a Get Digital Champion! You don’t need to be an expert. Help others learn and connect. Learn as you go!

How we do things

Welcome and Patience

Digital skills are for everyone. With no judgement we welcome all levels, listening and responding to each individual (and organisation) we work with.

Relevant and Person-Centred

We start at whatever place people are at and walk ‘the next step’ to where they want to go. We focus on what’s most useful to each person (and organisation) we work with so that individuals feel more empowered, skilled and confident; and able to achieve their goals.

Playful and Informal

We bring a spirit of energy, fun and lightness to learning and the tech world (technical language), avoiding jargon.

Making ‘digital’ easy

We adopt a plain speaking, no fuss approach so that the digital world and learning is clear, accessible and enjoyable.

Reliable and Responsive

We strive to be up to date with the latest digital tools and trends so we can pass on what we know.

Partnership and connection

We build partnerships and collaboration with a wide range of people and organisations so that people get the best possible support. We work to connect well with people; and connect people to the digital world.

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