Building digital skills to end homelessness


Building digital skills to end homelessness

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Get Digital: The Power of Digital Inclusion


Every day our Get Digital Champions help people get where they want to go! With digital access, support and skills people can problem-solve and take practical steps towards the good things they want in their lives.

This story is about Larry, who accessed Get Digital support in May 2019. In just 24 hours he was able to write a CV, apply for a job and get it! Read on and be inspired.

Larry has been experiencing rough sleeping, and on a dreary day in May he came into the Streetwork Holyrood Hub with his hopes high. He had seen a few job vacancies and knew he was the right candidate for them, but he had a slight issue: he needed a CV to apply. Larry was referred to the Digital Drop-In, where he was introduced to the Digital Inclusion Co-ordinator, Zora Feesey. It was no obstacle that Larry didn’t own a digital device – that was exactly why the Digital Zone was there! With her charm and reassuring smile, Zora sat Larry down at one of the computers in the Zone and got working on his all-important CV.

The Digital Zone at the Streetwork Holyrood Hub, Edinburgh

The first thing Zora did was to help Larry set up his very own Google Account. From there, they worked on creating a CV for him using Google Docs. Larry came prepared and that made the process so much easier (and enjoyable!); his CV was done in no time.

Armed with a brand new Google email address, Larry proudly added it to his CV and offered potential employers an additional way to stay in touch with him. He was over the moon when he realised that with his new Google account he also had a place to save his CV: in his new Google Drive. The Google Drive was all in the Cloud, just like a big invisible memory stick that Larry didn’t have to carry around with him! He knew his document was safe, and accessible to him whenever he was in front of a computer. What is even better: all of this cost Larry nothing but just half an hour of his time.

Now that Larry had a CV and an email address, Zora explained that he could join a recruitment website and apply for jobs online. Larry created an account and made his CV visible to employers. He was delighted that he was another step closer to employment.

Within just 24 hours, Larry received a phone call from a potential employer about a position available in a factory. He attended an interview that day and started his new job the day after!

Get Digital Scotland
Zora Feesey – Streetwork’s Digital Inclusion Coordinator

Since Larry started his new job, he has kept in touch with Zora and they have continued to work on his digital skills. By completing a Get Digital Skills Assessment, Zora was able to see where Larry’s digital support needs were, and they worked together to increase his confidence in taking full advantage of the opportunities in the digital world. Larry is now beginning to explore what else the internet has to offer with his newfound digital abilities.

Larry is just one of the 36 people that Zora supports every month in the Digital Zone, and his story is just one example of our work. Get Digital Scotland is a digital inclusion programme being delivered by Simon Community Scotland – one of the largest homelessness service providers in Scotland. Funded by the Scottish Government, we are training hundreds of Digital Champions like Zora across Scotland’s homelessness sector. We want to empower frontline workers to support people affected by homelessness around their essential digital skills, so that they can reap the benefits and reach their potentials from feeling and being included in the digital world.

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Get Digital: The Power of Digital Inclusion

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